John Wick Chapter 4 - 'Transparent Orange Vinyl' - Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard
John Wick Chapter 4 - 'Transparent Orange Vinyl' - Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard

John Wick Chapter 4 - 'Transparent Orange Vinyl' - Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard

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Featuring Songs From The Film By:
Rina Sawayama, In This Moment, Lola Bates and Manon Hollander!

Double LP on Transparent Orange Vinyl, with Full Color Inserts

Score by BMI award winning composers Tyler Bates (Dawn of the Dead, 300, Sucker Punch, Deadpool 2, Halloween I and II, John Wick (franchise), Guardians Of The Galaxy (franchise)) & Joel J. Richard (John Wick (franchise), Quantico, Ravenswood)

* Eye For an Eye performed by Japanese-British singer, songwriter, model, Rina Sawayama, who is known for her discography of nu metal, electropop, and avant-pop music.

* In 2020, she released her debut studio album Sawayama, to widespread critical acclaim, named a top 10 album of 2020 by NME, The Guardian, Paste, USA Today and NY Times, her sophomore album Hold the Girl came out September 2022 to rave reviews

* Nowhere to Run performed by multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, classically trained pianist, LA musician Lola Colette, she's recently opened for Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) on the Brighten tour.

* She performed the entirety of the piano work for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 at Capitol Records Studios at the age of 12, and went on to perform with the London Symphony Orchestra as the solo pianist for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, at Abbey Road studios age 15, and provided back-up vocals on Marilyn Manson’s acclaimed 2017 release Heaven Upside Down

* I Would Die for You performed by In This Moment an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, who have been have been topping the charts since the mid-2000s with music that melds metal riffs, goth flourishes, and industrial electronics.
* Their current album Godmode is out 10/27/23, and they are touring to support the release, with dates in November and December 2023.

* Marie Douceur, Marie Colère performed by French singer, Manon Hollander, a sort-of cover of the Rolling Stones song Paint It Black, with French lyrics by Michel Jourdan, originally recorded in 1966 by Marie Laforêt.

* Starring: Keanu Reeves (Matrix, Bill & Ted, Speed), Bill Skarsgård (It, Barbarian), Donnie Yen (Mulan, Yip Man), Laurence Fishburne (Matrix, What's Love Got to Do with It) , Hiroyuki Sanada (Bullet Train, The Last Samurai), Ian McShane (Deadwood, John Wick) and Rina Sawayama

"Propulsive score by Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard weaves in and out of needle drops by Le Castle Vania, Manon Hollander, and Lola Colette” indiewire

Track Listing:
Side 1: 22:00:751
01. Big Wick Energy
02. Nowhere to Run - Lola Colette
03. Sand Wick
04. Change Your Nature
05. Continental Breakfast
06. Wick in Osaka
07. High Table in Osaka
08. A Grave Accusation
09. Grief on a Train

Side 2: 21:10:667
01. I Would Die for You - In This Moment
02. Of Mincing & Men
03. A Grave Situation
04. To Get Back In
05. Killa’s Teeth
06. Ambition and Worth
07. Dog Lover
08. JW, Loving Husband
09. Stairs Arrival

Side 3: 21:59:672
01. Marie Douceur, Marie Colère - Manon Hollander
02. John Wick Rises
03. Paris Radio Intro
04. Chess Club
05. Urban Cowgirl
06. Quite the Mess You’ve Made
07. The Ex Ex
08. The Ex Ex Chapter 3
09. Arc De Triomphe
10. Wrong Train

Side 4: 20:27:295
01. Sacré-Coeur Sunrise
02. Pistol Procession
03. Ten Paces
04. Twenty Paces
05. Helen A Handbasket
06. Eye For an Eye - Rina Sawayama
07. Cry Mia River

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