The Lure (Limited Collectors Vinyl) 'Day-Glo Mermaid Green' Vinyl - VA
The Lure (Limited Collectors Vinyl) 'Day-Glo Mermaid Green' Vinyl - VA
The Lure (Limited Collectors Vinyl) 'Day-Glo Mermaid Green' Vinyl - VA

The Lure (Limited Collectors Vinyl) 'Day-Glo Mermaid Green' Vinyl - VA

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* Limited Edition Pressing of 500 Units

* Ultra-rare Day-Glo "Mermaid" Green Vinyl

* Critically Acclaimed Cinephile Film Getting Criterion Collection Release!

* Film is a genre-defying horror-musical mashup of exclusive original songs

“The best goth musical about man-eating mermaids ever made… a wonderfully demented new musical that bridges the gap between Hans Christian Andersen and Nine Inch Nails.” - IndieWire

“The Lure dirties up Hans Christian Andersen’s sacrificial themes with a grimy neon backdrop and violent new twist: These killer mermaids literally eat men’s hearts. Bonus — the soundtrack is fantastic.” - The Village Voice

“Fantasy ladled over lunacy, The Lure is possibly the weirdest thing you’ll see this year.” - Dazed

“The Lure, a Polish mermaid new wave rock musical slash thriller, is the directorial debut of Agnieszka Smoczynska. It’s as fucked up as it sounds.” - Dazed

“The Lure puts to shame any notion that something as bland as La La Land is the future of the movie musical. “ - The Village Voice

“Polish mermaid horror ‘The Lure’ has got to be 2017’s weirdest film” - NME

“Full-on musical scenes that could be taken from a piscine version of La La Land.” - NME

”If Disney wants to do something truly different with its live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, it may want to give Agnieszka Smoczyńska a call.“ - AV Club

“The music, which appears in both performance scenes and in a classic “burst into song in the middle of the supermarket” musical context, is similarly diverse, touching on disco and punk as well as more conventional show tunes.” A-V Club

“A jolt of rock ’n’ roll energy and a swirl of camp decadence “ - NY Times

“a dreamy cinematic space where distinctions of genre and tone are pleasantly (and sometimes shockingly) blurred.” _ NY Times

“The musical numbers are delightfully pitch-perfect… bubblegum dance remixes, throbbingly coke-fueled.” - Paste

“The Little Mermaid (re-booted) as a murderous synth-rock opera.” - Paste

“Cannibalistic mermaids… sing their sultry, often violently funny siren songs to their dark hearts’re content.” - Paste

“A Han Christian Andersen retelling of Requiem For A Dream.” - Paste

“a wild piece of filmmaking, and the perfect antidote for the jaded moviegoer who thinks they’ve seen it all. Trust us, you haven’t seen anything quite like this before” - Consequence of Sound

“The Lure is here and this is the kind of thing every single adventurous movie fan should put on their radar …it’s the kind of experience you’ll never really forget.” Slash Film

“The music is ABBA meets t.A.T.u., with a little latter-day Pussy Riot thrown in for good measure” - Horror Freak News

The Lure
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01 Syreni Calling #1 (Mermaid’s Calling #1)
02 Byłaś Serca Biciem (You Were The Beat Of My Heart)
03 Daj Mi Tę Noc (Give Me This Night)
04 Mucha 3 (The Housefly 3)
05 Beata z Albatrosa (Beata From The Albatros)
06 Miej Mnie W Swojej Opiece (Take Me In Your Care)

01 Przyszłam Do Miasta (I Came To The City)
02 Bananowy Song (Banana Song)
03 Knajpa (The Tavern)
04 Zagryzienie Niemca (Biting The German To Death)
05 Czary Mary (Abracadabra)

01 I Feel Love
02 Chronos
03 Kolory (Colors)
04 Syreni Calling #2 (Mermaid’s Calling #2)
05 Łóżko (The Bed)
06 Mucha 1 (The Housefly 1)

01 Pętla (The Loop)
02 Dywan (The Carpet)
03 Porucznik MO (Policewoman)
04 Przed Finałem (Before The Finale)
05 SZ
06 Final (Finale)

Released December ‘17