The Man Who Fell To Earth (Original Series Score) - 'Transparent Blue & Pink' Vinyl - Jeff Russo
The Man Who Fell To Earth (Original Series Score) - 'Transparent Blue & Pink' Vinyl - Jeff Russo

The Man Who Fell To Earth (Original Series Score) - 'Transparent Blue & Pink' Vinyl - Jeff Russo

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Includes tracks from Themes and Sketches and The Original Series Score

2X LP on Transparent Blue & Pink Vinyl, with Gatefold Sleeve & Full Color Inserts

“A stellar Jeff Russo score” livinglifefearless


Scored written, produced and conducted by Emmy Award winner, and 3 time nominee, Jeff Russo (Legion, Fargo, Oslo, The Night Of, Umbrella Academy, Altered Carbon, Star Trek: Discovery, Short Treks, Strange & New Worlds, Picard series)

“We talked early on about that there’s a connection to Bowie,”… “So we wanted to give a nod to that. We wanted to add some of that grit and some of that way he did things into the into [the show], and he sort of pops up throughout the whole series.” Jeff Russo

An alien (Chiwetel Ejiofor) crashes deep into the oilfields of New Mexico with a mission: he must find the brilliant scientist Justin Falls (Naomie Harris), the one woman on earth who can help save his species. Even as he struggles to adapt to our world and to become more "human," her faith in humanity couldn't be lower. An unlikely duo, together they discover that in order to save his world, they must first save ours. An inspired continuation of the novel by Walter Tevis and the iconic 1976 film starring David Bowie.

Track Listing:
Side 1: (~20:40 mins)
Fusion (Theme 1) : 7:03
Anthea (Theme 2) : 8:29
Family Back Home : 5:07

 Side 2: (~17:56 mins)
Justin’s Theme : 2:51
Justin’s Theme (Piano Sketch) : 3:00
Faraday : 6:40
Pupae : 5:24

Side 3: (~21:11 min)
Faraday 4 : 7:09
Justin And Faraday (Full Orchestra) : 5:08
Josiah : 6:28
Under The Stars 2:28

Side 4: (~22:26 mins)
Tools : 0:39
109 End Titles : 1:14
The Transformed Man - The Door In Front Of You : 4:47
Setting Up At Origen : 1:44
Only The Beginning : 1:16
Drones Vs People : 1:35
The Gamut Of Emotions : 1:58
Shame And Self : 1:22
Newtons Lies : 2:54
Grapefruit And Soap : 4:51

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